The Casa Med Bariatric fully profiling bed is available in two styles:- 120cm wide bed with grey plastic headboards and the option of clamp or side rails or 120cm wide bed with ultra beech wooden headboards, complete with metal integral side rails.

Features & Benefits include -

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 We carry a wide selection of beds and associated options, so if you  cannot see what you require please call and we will endeavour to  help meet your requirements.


 Bariatric Bed Extension

 Features & Benefits include -

 CasaSolo and CasaFlex mattresses are designed  with performance and affordability in mind. They offer  highly affordable pressure care solutions for those  ranging from at risk to at high risk of pressure ulcer  development.

 Every Casa mattress features:

 The Restwell collection of Electric Adjustable Beds makes relaxation  and a good night sleep an affordable and very comfortable reality.  This superb quality range is manufactured in the UK and is available  with an excellent choice of mattresses including the new Restwell  Memory Foam.

 This range of beds has been developed for anybody who would like to  find different positions to relax in bed. It is becoming more and more  popular to sit up in bed to read or to recline in bed and watch  television or a film. Sometimes it is just great to recline in bed with  your feet up. In general this range provides us with the opportunity to  find your perfect relax and sleep position.

 The Restwell collection of Adjustable Beds can be adjusted to your  desired position thus providing you with the ability to maximise your  comfort. The five fold adjustable base is innovative in design and  adjusts to support the five key areas, knees, hips, back, neck and  head.

 The Devon incorporates 42 flexible slats, these conform and adjust  accordingly to pressure, supporting you and providing greater comfort.  It offers infinite positions to help you to relax and to have a deeper,  more restful and healthier night's sleep.


Optional over bed table

 Optional Over bed table

 The pocket sprung mattress works by each individual spring unit  being  enveloped in its own fabric casing. Each spring acts  independently of  the other springs, giving each sleeper their own  level of support.  Layered fillings surround this sprung system. The  pocketed mattress  in a 3ft model features 450 individually nested  springs, this is  designed to give you the correct level of support. The  mattress is  carefully upholstered, using hand tufting to secure the  layers of  selected fillings. It also features layers of non allergic  fillings which  may help in the relief of many ailments such as,  asthma, sneezing,  coughing and wheezing. All mattresses have a  length of 200cm (79")  and a height of 20cm (8"). Includes 12 month  warranty as standard.

 Our Reflex high density Foam is for those who prefer a softer feel  than  a pocket sprung mattress. Luxurious 100% Reflex Foam  mattress,  ribbed carefully to work in harmony with your body. It  provides  outstanding elasticity; this will help to evenly distribute  your weight  providing excellent comfort and support, however it does  not mould to  your contour like memory foam. This can be an  advantage as memory  foam retains heat therefore keeping you  warmer sometimes  excessively, however this is not the case for  mattresses with reflex  foam. This completely filler-free mattress  achieves the most  outstanding levels of performance, shape  retention and long term  durability. Its unique construction ensures  excellent mattress  ventilation. This mattress is covered with a premium quality, hypoallergenic, damask cover. This helps to prevent  the risk of dust mites and allergies as well as offering a luxurious, yet  supportive feel to the mattress. All mattresses have a length of  200cm (79") and a height of 20cm (8"). Includes 12 month warranty as standard.

 Memory Foam. Relieving stress and tension is crucial for everyone.  Conventional mattresses can restrict blood flow, cause pressure build  up and pain. The Restwell range of visco-elastic memory foam  products has been developed to provide excellent stress relieving  comfort and support.

 Vacuum Packed

 It is vacuum packed to make it into a small package that will  conveniently fit into the back of a car for ease of transport. This helps  save delivery charge and can be taken from the store immediately.  When removed from its packaging its original size will be 95%  resumed after 10 minutes and will be fully resumed within 3 hours.

 Restwell Memory Foam Mattress

 Pocket Memory Foam.

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