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Aluminium Rollators  are walking aids available in standard and extra wide sizes, suitable for bariatric use. Rollators have an integrated, padded seat and are suitable for use in the home or around town, with useful Rollator accessories available including baskets and bags.


Red Blue Silver

Montana's Mobility Centre will give you FREE BRAKE ADJUSTMENT for the life of your product.


Our Lightweight, Aluminium Rollator is an affordable, feature-rich walking aid. With a strong aluminium frame, the lightweight Rollator is durable enough for daily use. With anatomically-designed handgrips, arthritic friendly loop cable brakes and height adjustable handles, the Lightweight Rollator is suitable for elderly, infirm or less able users with little grip power. This four-wheeled Rollator also features a padded seat which flips up. The Lightweight Rollator folds easily for storage and is available in 3 colour options: Red Silver and Blue

The steel Tri-Walker is sturdy yet easy to manoeuvre, featuring loop brakes so the tri-walker can be stopped (by squeezing) and locked (by pushing down). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Tri-Walker with Bag folds away for transport and storage. Featuring a unique cable guide to eliminate the need for plastic cable ties,with height adjustable handles for comfort, the three-wheeled walker is also supplied complete with a wipe-clean, specially shaped tri-walker bag and is available in 3 frame colour options, red, blue, chrome, silver. Ideal aid for people who need additional support when walking.

Our showcase Rollator combines a stylish modern design with a folding cross brace for security and convenience. It includes many features: -

This new product converts easily from a Rollator to a Transport Chair!

Features include: -


 PVC wedge handle elbow crutch. This lightweight  aluminium elbow crutch has a wedge-shaped PVC  handle for improved grip, along with a non-slip  rubber foot and also features double height  adjustment for comfort and flexibility. Priced per pair  of elbow crutches, please ensure that you select the  correct size from the available options when placing  your order.

Forearm crutches

The bariatric aluminium elbow crutch has a wedge-shaped PVC handle for improved grip, along with a non-slip rubber foot and also features double height adjustment for comfort and flexibility. Priced per pair.

Folding seat Cane

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Forearm crutches

Forearm Crutches. Stylish and ergonomic forearm crutches with a sturdy yet lightweight powder coated aluminium tube body, rubber tip ferrules and visibility reflectors. Adjustable, safe and supportive. Cleverly constructed thermoplastic rubber handle facilitates free arm movement when the crutches are not in use. Available in an attractive range of designs. Sold in pairs. Available in black, blue and grey designs.

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The Folding Seat Cane is a Walking Stick featuring a comfortable, curved foam handle, with a folding seat integrated into the frame. Manufactured from aluminium with a robust, plastic seat and non-slip feet, the tripod-style seat is suitable for users up to 16 stone (100 kg) in weight and weighs less than 1 kg, making it an ideal, portable solution.

•Lightweight, portable design

•Robust plastic seat

•Non-slip feet

•Foam handle

Folding seat Cane

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